Deep root fertilizationby mrgadmin on April 22, 2023

Deep root fertilization is the more preferable method where injectable water soluble slow-release fertilizers are injected into the feeder roots zone (4-8 inch deep) in the soil homogenously. Injection starts at approx. 2-3 feet from the root ball and extends the same distance beyond the drip line. One of the reasons we inject the fertilizer just outside the root ball of the tree is that any new roots come out from the tree will be encouraged keep going out to the new soil and get established as quickly as possible.

We carry the best products for deep root fertilization which are specially designed for evergreen and deciduous trees. Besides NPK, our product also contains micronutrients and beneficial microbes. It improves the overall health of the trees and makes the condition favourable around the root area. It also enhances blooms in flowering trees