Trunk injection is an effective innovation and alternative to spraying or soil application of pesticides for insect or pest control in trees. We inject systemic pesticide directly on the plant xylem. The chemical we inject is soluble in water and can be absorbed by a plant. When insects suck plant sap they will be killed. Unlike the traditional method of pest control such as spraying, this technique will not kill the beneficial insects like ladybird as the majority of the beneficial insects don’t suck the plant sap. Since chemical is directly injected into trees, there is no impact to your family, the applicator and the environment around you. The trunk injected pesticide has very high use efficiency with a great deal of pest control. Trunk injected chemicals stay in the plant system whole season while sprayed chemicals last only for few weeks. Chemical spray is also less effective because of the fact that both insects and plants are protected by a waxy layer that offers minimum penetration.

Several years of research and development has shown that trunk injection has been proven to give the best results when protecting trees from the pests. The beauty of this method is that it can be applied in environmentally sensitive areas like schools, parks, playgrounds, golf courses and near waterways. This method is not sensitive to environmental conditions such as rain or wind. People will not get affected when trunk injection is going on in the public areas.